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     Fantasy Basketball is designed to enhance fans awareness and enjoyment of the NBA. Fans will make many decisions that Owners, GM's, and Head Coaches in the NBA will make in real life as they simulate running a Professional Basketball franchise.

A group of Fantasy Teams will comprise a Fantasy League. Some leagues are perpetual, where teams continue year after year with the same owners and players. These are comonly referred to as "Keeper" leagues.
The Draft
Fans will draft actual NBA players onto their Fantasy Teams, the number of players allowed varies but usually ranges from 12-14, and after the Draft this group of players will be referred to as a Team Roster. Some leagues also use Player Salaries and a Salary Cap to further restrict Fantasy Teams which in turn adds more realism.
Player Salaries
Each NBA player has a set annual salary, with the combined salary of all a team's players equating to a Team Payroll.
Salary Cap
Team's are only allowed to spend up to a certain amount of money on Team Payroll's, the Salary Cap is that limit. This limit is recalculated annually in July.
Team Rosters
Each Team Roster should have at least two players, a Starter and a Backup, that qualify to play each position.
Player Positions
Player's usually only qualify to play the same Basketball position that they play in real life. The positions are Center, Power Forward, Small Forward, Shooting Guard, and Point Guard. In some cases players will qualify at more than one position, as they may play more than one position in the NBA.
Each Fantasy League sets up a Season Schedule defining which Fantasy team will play a game each week and against whom. Before each game, each Fantasy team will submit their list of players that will be Starting for their Fantasy team in that game, and in some leagues a list of Backup players. These are referred to as Lineups.
Each lineup should include one player at each position, whose actual NBA statistics will be used to calculate the team's score, these are your Starters. In some leagues a list of Backup players at each position will also be sent. These player's NBA statistics will be used in case of an injury to a Starting player at the same position.
Actual NBA Player's statistics will determine a Fantasy team's final scores, and ultimately whether you win or lose, so if your players perform well your team will consequently perform well. One of the basic scoring systems is one Fantasy Point for each Point Scored, Rebound, and Assist by an NBA player.
Each Fantasy game will match one Fantasy team's Lineup against another Fantasy team's. The actual statistics from the NBA players submitted on their lineups will be calculated, and the Fantasy team with the most points wins that Fantasy game.
Most leagues will have a Regular Season, after which the teams with the most games won will face off in a Playoff System to determine the season Champion.


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