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About the Fantasy Basketball Federation

     The Fantasy Basketball Federation was created in order to fill Fantasy Sports voids, with it's origin's tracing back to the end of 2000. It was then that two fantasy basketball fanatics dreamed of what the optimum Fantasy Basketball league would be like.

     A league was envisioned where you could keep all your players year after year, trading (always a tough system to develop) would be open with almost no restrictions, there would be a Salary system with a Salary Cap for more strategy, a larger number of teams to increase competition, and people from different parts of the country (and world for that matter) would be welcomed to add different perspectives to the league.

     After scouring the internet for such a league, to their surprise, such a league did not exist !

     Finally in early summer 2001, the Fantasy Basketball Federation started to take shape. An original 16 team format was decided on, a Constitution was written, a simple website was created, and notices were posted in various forums.

     Although a few local friends were interested, no one was really certain what kind of reception or interest would be generated, in fact there were discussions on what course of action would be taken if 16 people weren't interested.

     Those concerns quickly subsided however, a mere 10 minutes after the first posting the first new team joined the fold. Slowly but surely the e-mails kept coming in, and by the end of the day all concerns were fully put to rest. Not only was the league filled within 24 hours, but the responses were overwhelming, leading to a Waiting List long enough to start another league by the end of the first week !

     Over the years the interest has continued to grow both nationally and internationally; Fantasy Football was created in 2005, which has also flourished; and in 2007 it was decided that we would pursue other new Fantasy Sports leagues, and to add Fantasy Baseball.

     Regardless of our growing reputation and popularity however, the Fantasy Basketball Federation's backbone remains the same now as it did's all about the people and their love of the game.

     David Smith, FBF Commissioner


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